Monday, 27 September 2010

What Does Your Car Say About You?

Today, I had the immense honour of being labelled a "chav" for driving the car that I do.
My car......Yeah right!  Only in my dreams!

Now I cannot possibly define for you in exact terms what a “chav” actually is, because despite being solidly British I am sketchy on the detail, but what I have established is that a chav is definitely not a compliment!

This leads me to wonder what it is about certain cars that make some people inclined to generalise about the owners.

Of course you have the young boys who drive around in their third or fourth hand cars, with blacked out windows, huge alloy wheels and lowered suspension. And they always have a huge stereo system rigged up so that your entire house shakes as they cruise past – but that is more about the age of the boy that the type of car, purely because it is a formula that can be applied to any car over – say – 8 years old, that has medium proportions and reasonable insurance (parents are probably paying!).

But what of specific car brands?

In the UK, we have four mainstream premium brands – Lexus, Mercedes, Audi and BMW and these can sometimes attract generalisations such as:

* Audi – Arrogant, road owning and aggressive
* BMW – Arrogant and in the most part, quite ignorant
* Lexus – Dull
* Mercedes – Dull

 I should point out these aren’t my views, simply the generalisations I have heard applied to the brands….FYI, I drive an Audi so I’m not going to deliberately slight myself now am I!

Then you have the mainstream brands – Vauxhall, Ford, Renualt, Citroen, Nissan, Toyota etc – all safe and affordable cars that make up the bulk of UK traffic from my observation.

Having driven Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall, Renault and Audi during my life, I am reasonably confident that my personality did not just transform overnight at the point of change from one brand to the next!   

I don’t really see how the car that you drive can possible define you as a person. Simple as that. To be labelled as something derogatory because of the car you drive is ludicrous!

So to the person who decided that I was a “chav” for driving an Audi, I will simply say this…….

If selecting a car based on its fuel consumption, excellent safety record, drive comfort, customer service, reliability, child-friendly rear seat space, generous luggage compartment and good looks makes me a chav, bring it on!

I love my car!

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Panda said...

wow thats harsh for someone to call you that based on the car you drive. I have always wanted an Audi. I drive a VW...wonder what that says about me?

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