Wednesday, 8 September 2010

No Greater Love.....I must be mad!

Birthday dilemma - husband doesn't want anything, despite frequent requests for a present wish list. 

He grudgingly provides a list of books and DVD's and the greatest online retailer (aka famous south American river) sorts it all out for me.

2- 5 working days later, the postman joyfully hides the parcel in the back garden with a cryptic note shoved through the letter box, and 10 minutes of rummaging in undergrowth later, I bring the slightly damp box into the house and wrap the gifts.

Birthday arrives and all seems well.....well until I make a gentle enquiry about how his birthday is going and he replies "Not great so far but really looking forward to tonight - you always get me such thoughtful and special presents".

Shit!  Nothing thoughtful about what I have wrapped up and waiting for him - I had given up!

With hours to go and zero options apart from the Internet, I go online and search randomly for something "special".

Now, here's the rub.  I found "something special".  I found tickets to see his absolute favorite band in the whole world, at their only UK performance in, like, 3 years, and it is nearby, and it's at a cool venue.  I have hit the pot of gold here! 

Only problem is.....I HATE THEM!  I would rather stick pins in my eyes than listen to a CD much less go to a gig and hear them live - I mean, who the hell sounds better live than on CD?!

So I clicked to confirm and have printed off the confirmation email, which I will wrap in a box and somehow....somehow...I have to smile graciously as he opens the gift.

I must really love him.  

Now where can I get some super strength ear plugs?

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