Monday, 6 September 2010

How a serum can save your life.....well, day....kind of.

Once again dear blog-readers I have had what can best be described as a challenging day.  Challenging in the most part due to the idiocy of those around me and the utter dullness of my day job.

So, to appease my troubled mind and in an attempt to raise my spirits, I marched off to the shopping centre with my purse in hand and the intention of spending money on anything...well foundation and mascara to be honest...simply to melt away the gloom.

My husband steered me into the chemist and I trudged through to the last known location of cosmetics (this particular shop has a fondness for randomly rearranging itself to confuse customers) .  And then I saw it.  My favorite cosmetic counter, with.......(almost speechless with joy here!)....a free gift offer.  All I had to do was spend a £30 and untold riches would be mine.

Husband immediately recognised the crazed look of a woman on a mission for a deal and took flight in the (last known) direction of the contact lense solutions and I began the task of selecting sufficient products to secure the ultimate prize - a mini gift set.

I selected the foundation, made the impossible hard choice between extra long lash, ultra curl and waterproof super-duper long lash deluxe mascara (why so much choice for such a small part of your face!) and then the hard part - £6 to spend to secure the free gift.

Five minutes and a lipstick later, I handed over my debit card and watched with glee as the assistant placed the perfectly formed gift nag in with my purchases and wished me a pleasant afternoon.

Having secured my target, I located the husband and practically skipped back to my office to inspect my treasure.  And oh, such treasure!  I have serums, lotions (not sure how that differs from serum - answers appreciated!), lipstick (bugger - bought one), mascara (bugger - bought one) and something strange for my eyes that I cannot pronounce.  Absolute result!  Happiness is most definitely gift-bag shaped!

Now I'll admit that the extent to which my day transformed all because of a small bag of miniature cosmetics is a little disturbing, but I like to think it is a reflection on my life rather than me as a person......but the great thing is that it worked.  My afternoon was infinitely better just by peeking at my free gift every now and then.  So thank you cosmetic companies of the world - and next time, more anti-ageing cream would be good!

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