Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hot Guys at a Mouse Click - Who Could Resist?!

Vote for me!
Okay.  This is it.  24 hours left until the vote closes and every vote counts.

Your choices this week are:
  1. Robert Pattinson (Vampire)
  2. Kellan Lutz (erm.....Vampire)
  3. Taylor Lautner (You guessed it......Vampire)
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal (Not a vampire as far as I know)

No! Choose me!
The path to vote is simple.  On the right hand side of the screen, is a poll.  Click the box for whoever you want to win (more than one if you like - I'm feeling generous!).
It's me you want really!

Then sit back, relax and wait until 8am GMT Thursday morning for the result to be posted.


Vampires?  Pah! You want a Prince!
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...And if you have any suggestions for next weeks vote, leave a comment below - I will consider all requests!

A xx

1 comment:

Panda said...

LOL Taylor is not a Vampire...just in a vampire movie. omg i am way too obsesed with Twilight...lol. ok not really. Im still voting for my Edward!

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