Thursday, 30 September 2010

Heartthrob Thursday - The result is in!

Ladies............the result:

R-Patz - 14%
Kellan Lutz - 12%
Taylor Lautner - 12%
Jake Gyllenhaal - 62%

So here he is......your winner.....Mr Jake Gyllenhaal!!

(previous winners don't disappear and can be found in the Archive if you fancy a look!)

Thanks for voting!

Next weeks poll is in the usual place (over to the right). 

This weeks choices are:

Zac Effron

Colin Farrell

Hugh Jackman

Will Smith

Vote wisely and tell your friends!


Livi said...

OOOOOHHHHHH YEAH!!! YAY for Jake :) oh damn this week is extra hard, they are all hotties!

Panda said...

Well Jake is yummy! and SO Many things i would like to do with Colin!!!!!!!

MEBOBZ said...

Rather Jake than Maggie!

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