Friday, 3 September 2010

Avatar. Blue people. Why.

I was extremely unenthusiastic about the concept of Avatar when it was first mooted in the press and I was unable to rouse enough interest to make it to the cinema, forcing my long suffering husband to rustle up his children from across the country to go and view it with him.

I was content in my ignorance and happy to be in the proverbial dark when it came to the fate of Pandora and all who live upon it.  And so I existed....until the DVD was released.

I had hoped that husband would resist the purchase, having seen it already, but no.  Within days of it's arrival in the shops, it managed to find it's way in my house and sat, threateningly on the DVD rack, taunting me with its blue-ness every time I walked past.

With cunning and skill, I was able to delay the inevitable for a couple of months until one fateful Saturday night when everything - and I mean everything - conspired against me.  Doctor Who had finished, there was nothing on Sky Movies and - dear God above - we had watched every other DVD in the house (or so I was told!).

I had no option but to succumb to the world of Pandora and reached for the wine to soften the impact.

What seemed like 15 hours later, it ended.  The blue people had somehow triumphed, Sam Worthington had managed to shake off his (hugely disturbing) withered legs  and be transformed into a giant blue person and the pretty tree had saved the day (or something!).

Clearly, I am in a massive minority here, so I will tread carefully and say right here and now that I don't regard it as a bad film.  I have definitely seen worse.......Terminator Salvation, My Own Private Idaho.......but I would be lying if I said I had enjoyed it.

I like my sci-fi....heck, I am almost a born-again geek since meeting my husband but there is sci-fi and then there is giant blue people being befriended by avatars of giant blue people!  Not my thing.

Watching the film was a gesture of love for my husband, plain and simple.

Film over, I managed to put the whole blue people thing behind me and move forward with my life, feeling almost cleansed and like I had nothing left to fear in life.  Nothing left to fear that is, until tonight.

Yes, tonight, I have been informed by my husband that Avatar 2 is being made.  Avatar 2.  Avatar bloody 2.  Why, oh why, oh why.  Just when I was starting to feel that it was safe to relax.

So if you are reading this, and you live on Pandora, and happen to be, batten down the hatches, anything!  Just don't let James Cameron anywhere near you.....please!  You are my only hope............

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