Saturday, 25 September 2010

Autumn - Sweaters and Butchery

Inspired by the falling leaves and general feeling of chilliness, I have decided that I am going to begin my autumnal preparations.

This involves the more dull end of the activity scale - laundering my sweaters to freshen them after several months of being relegated to a cupboard in the spare room - and the more enjoyable aspects like getting out the garden clippers and hacking away at the bushes to cut them back before the weather turns nasty!

My husband says I am a butcher when I do this - and sometimes, when inspecting the mountain of removed plant limbs, and then noticing the bare and pathetic looking bushes that I have left behind, I have to agree with him.
My weapon of choice!

In possession of clippers, I am a woman possessed!  It is like the bushes represent all that is irksome about my life and I hack away without conscience or care!

I always feel better afterwards though - which is really far more than can be said about the plant life in the garden.  You can almost hear it let out a sigh of relief as I walk back into the house, exhausted by my murderous spree!

So today, I shall launder and I shall prune the bushes.

Secretly, I am also starting to get excited about Christmas too - but I suspect that this is way too early and so I'm gonna keep that to myself a while longer!

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Red Damascus said...

Teehehe, you got to do what you got to do :P

Anyways I got here from the eBlogger forum. Keep up the good work writing! :)

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